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Poll: Has Aspen’s traffic gotten out of hand?

With a line of cars more than a mile long heading out of town Thursday night, this week’s poll question asks readers if Aspen’s traffic has gotten out of hand.

Go to http://www.aspentimes.com, on the left side below the news carousel, to find this week’s question and the results of previous polls.

Last week’s poll question — “Do you think the Roaring Fork School District superintendent compromise was the right thing to do?” — generated 752 votes. An overwhelming majority of votes — 551 votes, or 72.31 percent — said Rob Stein should take over sooner rather than later. Another 158 votes, or 20.73 percent, said Diana Sirko deserves more time on the board, while the remaining 53 votes, or 6.96 percent, voted “maybe” but acknowledged disliking the school board’s decision-making process.


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