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Poll: Does Zuckerman make too much?

With recent reports that Aspen Art Museum Director Heidi Zuckerman made nearly $900,000 in 2013, this week’s poll question asks readers whether her compensation is fair.

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Last week’s poll question — “With a strong start to the season, are you optimistic about snowfall this winter?” — brought in 819 votes. Nearly 40 percent of the votes, or 325, said “No, because early snow doesn’t necessarily mean it will keep falling.” Another 256 votes, or more than 31 percent, said climate change is causing concern for snowfall in Aspen.

Nearly 14 percent of the votes, or 113, said early snow typically foreshadows a great winter, while more than 8 percent, or 68 votes, said it’s too early to tell. Nearly 7 percent of the votes, or 57, represented true optimism: “Yes, it’s the Rocky Mountains, it always snows.”

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