Poll: Are you worried about Ebola in Aspen? | AspenTimes.com

Poll: Are you worried about Ebola in Aspen?

With Ebola in the United States dominating national media headlines, this week’s poll question asks readers if they’re concerned about Ebola making its way to Aspen.

Last week’s poll question — “Should more heads roll in the City of Aspen’s parking scandal?” — attracted 1,486 votes. Nearly 1,400 of those votes were “yes” votes, with 691, or 46.50 percent, saying that every city official who let it happen should take the blame, and another 683 votes, or 45.96 percent, saying Tim Ware was the scapegoat.

Just over 100 voters said “no,” with 67, or 4.51 percent, saying the city is doing its best to rectify the situation, and the remaining 45 votes, or 3.03 percent, saying the lost revenue was just an honest oversight.

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