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Poll and follow-up comments misleading

(This letter was originally addressed to the CRG Group, one of three companies involved with a poll on land-use issues conducted late last month.)Dear Editor:I am writing this letter to suggest that you review your survey and the results from it. I was polled by your telephone group and answered all the questions. The person who called me was very polite and very specific that he was polling on behalf of the City of Aspen Planning Commission … I am certain of this fact since I questioned him about whether the office was a joint office of city/county, or solely a city planning office. We discussed why the planning office was paying for a survey since the city was already paying for public meetings, etc. Obviously, he did not have answers to these types of questions and I don’t know if he noted my inquires. Your allegations that the only incorrect identification occurred when a message was left is completely wrong. We spoke about who was conducting this survey. Many of the questions were leading and opinionated, therefore making them difficult to answer within the multiple choice range of answers required. I personally felt that many of the questions were not based on fact and so were actually “steering” the answers of many of the participants, making these questions invalid. An example of this was the questions concerning the planned Code changes. The next survey you consider should be better thought out and completed in an honest and fair manner. You misguided me concerning who was actually conducting this survey, as I am certain you did others. Thank you.Kim KeilinAspenEditor’s note: Kim Keilin has been a complex manager with the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority for approximately 20 years.


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