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Politics doesn’t mix with banking

Dear Editor:

I never cared much for their smarmy bank radio ads in the first place. You know, the ones where a benevolent, syrupy voice tells you how much they care about Mom, apple pie, veterans, puppies and all things cuddly and cute.

When I tried to open a savings account at that bank, they wanted a 600 or better credit rating before letting me put my money in their bank. Needless to say, I found a more helpful bank with much friendlier personnel to transact my business.

Now that aforementioned bank with the saccharine sales pitches is running a political ad blatantly endorsing tax increases on the hard-pressed homeowners in our school district. To ask taxpayers whose home equity has dropped by 30 percent to pay ever more taxes is insane!

Apparently the teachers union, the school board and that bank think everyone except teachers should bear the burden of their budget overruns. A meager 5 percent pay cut across the board would preclude the need for any more taxpayer dollars. I say everyone is feeling the affects of this economy, and teachers are no better than the rest of us.

My new bank doesn’t run goofy commercials and they don’t presume to tell me how to vote.

I bank at Wells Fargo.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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