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Politics as usual

Dear Editor:

Today it seems to be never ending, but perhaps the accelerated ridiculous cost of campaigning at least helps fuel the stagnant economy.

The political season with its ridiculous issues such as mandates, which is attached to many programs including the health plan. That means individuals are mandated to have insurance. Ironically anyone can go to an emergency room and get medical attention even if they can’t afford it and have no insurance. There is, however, still a mandate and that is everyone else pays their bill through higher medical costs.

The fog of politics covers the fight for freedom and the fight for common sense, but it is all part of the game of politics. The power brokers who sit behind the scenes fight to control the power.

With Herman Cain, according to the news media, it seems the Koch brothers are invested. Herman said he was the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother. I don’t want to translate that here but I wonder what the Koch brothers are really investing in? Republicans are not famous for having black voter support. Perhaps it is to simply sway some black voters to the Republican side after Herman loses in the primary.

The game of politics is interesting and has been very costly to the American people. Today we see the effects of politics over the past three decades that has brought our country to its knees with debt. Ronald Reagan entered the presidency with one of his campaign slogans being that we needed to pay down our $700 billion national debt. He left office with an astronomical debt of over $4 trillion. This was more than all the previous presidents combined, beginning with George Washington.

Not until the Clinton years was the budget balanced and over $350 billion was actually paid on the debt. With yet another $250 billion in surplus and a recommendation to pay that on the debt handed over to the Bush administration in 2000. With interest the debt was around $6 trillion at that time. After 9/11 and two unfunded wars, no bid contracts for nation-building and a failing bank system requiring a $700 billion, no-questions-asked bailout.

Bush left office leaving a $12 trillion debt handed over to President Obama. Today with the country in bad need of recovery and jobs, a political stalemate exists in Congress. A Democratic jobs bill to put people back to work will not pass the Republican Congress because of the cost that requires raising taxes on the wealthy. A Republican jobs bill in the Senate will not pass because of all the deregulation attached to the bill.

So let the games continue while the brainwashed public believe their side is right and the demonstrators get cold and wet trying to figure it all out. If you know anything about politics, it is anybody’s game. This game will end in November 2012! Another will begin the next day at America’s expense!

Jim Childers

New Castle


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