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Politics and powder

Dear Editor:

This morning I awoke to eight inches of powder. Mt. Vernon, Iowa, has no ski slopes, so shoveling the drive while imagining an all-day run down Aspen Mountain was my memorable morning.

Yesterday, I talked to Frank of Pinons fame ” it was so great connecting and hearing his stories of how great the children are doing. What better memories of Aspen than the history of Aspen in regards to children.

This holiday season is special and unique for me. I am 55, and for the first time in my life I have decided to become politically active. For the first time, I am considering registering to vote and to support a candidate for office. I am having a blast! I moved to Aspen after walking across America with the great peace march of ’86 and returned home after the first international peace walk through Russia in ’87 … I was so overwhelmingly blessed to experience the beauty of Aspen, and especially as part of the Dows Family, who had so much history of loving the town and mountains and valleys.

This holiday season I just want to express and share all my blessings with the people and visitors of Aspen, as it is my gift to you. When all the candidates came to Iowa this past summer to seek my support I listened to them all. One candidate spoke to me directly saying “I am here to empower you!” Interesting concept, I pondered, and then went on to contemplate the concept of what it would mean to have the keys to the White House. I stepped into the role of “empowerment” and even started a website. On Dec. 13 I started fasting to the Jan. 3 caucus fest ” the decision of registering to vote and supporting a candidate is life altering for me. I had been very entrenched in my beliefs of seeing the government in all the power and greed of its dysfunctional ickyness, the further I stayed away the better.

This year, this moment, I am embracing the process wholeheartedly. To empower oneself completely, that my world goal, mission and top priority of making THE CHILDREN the top priority of every nation on the planet … also a top priority of my country. Today is day 11 of my fast of listening and loving oneself … I want you all to know I am sharing the beauty of my empowerment with everyone in Aspen this holiday season. As an artist and past Aspen taxi driver, there is not a road or home that escapes my vision of winter beauty; I am in the space of beautiful pure perfect love surrounding us all. Making sure the blessings of the children continue to always be Aspens’ heart expressed. And be sure to stop by Pinions and say hi to Frank and the children. And I hope everyone wakens to the beauty of having children living in the White House, as soon as possible.

Robert Schueler

Marion, Iowa

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