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Political leadership is an oxymoron

Dear Editor:

The miserable, costly failures of government that we’re experiencing have prompted many in my generation to consider the alternatives. “Politics as usual” isn’t the answer – it’s the problem!

Back in the good old days before our politicians decided to legislate for big government control, we enjoyed free enterprise, freedom of choice, and freedom from overtaxation and overregulation.

Today, many of us simply have had enough of politicians as usual. It’s not about party affiliation because the outcomes have remained the same. … Neither Democratic nor Republican control has made a difference. Political leadership is an oxymoron. I no longer maintain a party position, but I strongly uphold conservative values.

A recent endorsement supporting a “party” candidate running against an incumbent for a U.S. congressional district proves my point. This is typical political speak, and it insults my intelligence! It opens with “having a choice is always good” (not necessarily, if the choice is a bad one), then it details the candidate’s political ability and accomplishments as follows: worked in a bipartisan fashion (oh, sure!), bringing accountability and transparency to government (where have we heard this before?), ability to work across party lines (probably by compromising), passed several noteworthy bills (name one!). Enough!

Enough of the “same ol’, same ol'” when it comes to politicking as usual. Is there a candidate running for office who’s not a typical politician? There’s one emerging in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Tisha Casida is an independent candidate who has pledged to “fight for our freedoms.”

As one who despises political jargon and treasures conservative values, I’m impressed by what Tisha has to offer. She is a bright, articulate, experienced young lady with no political baggage or party obligations.

Check her website at http://www.casida2012.com to learn about her unique background and read about her down-to-earth dedication to core values. Isn’t it time to at least consider alternatives?

God bless America!

Richard Doran


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