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Police use Taser on club doorman

Chad Abraham

It is perhaps not the best idea to get into a fight with a doorman at a club with no name, especially if you happen to look like a member of a legendary rock band.Also not a particularly bright notion is resisting police officers and jailers in a cell to the point that a Taser is employed, as was reportedly the case with said doorman.Early Sunday morning, Aspen police responded to a call of a fight at 209 S. Galena St. Witnesses said one of the combatants, described as looking “like the guy from The Who,” had left with a friend, according to a police report. Officers later found Jason Dale, who “fit the description,” the report says.Dale was asked what had transpired in front of the club, and his friend said the doorman had thrown Dale to the ground and punched him in the side of the head, according to the report. The officer asked which one spit on the doorman, and the friend implicated Dale, who replied, “I didn’t spit on him!” The report says the confidant said, “Yes, you did.”The fisticuffs stemmed from a row about the club’s entrance price. Dale allegedly said the doorman, Danny Wettstein, was being rude, so he said, “You’re a punk,” then walked away. Dale alleged Wettstein grabbed him and threw him to the ground.That’s when the loogie flew, according to Dale’s account. Wettstein allegedly responded with a punch.Dale was arrested for disorderly conduct, Wettstein for misdemeanor assault.Wettstein, “yelling and cursing and making threats,” says the report, was placed in a restraint chair at the Pitkin County Jail. He demanded to be released, and officers told him he would be when he calmed down. According to the report, a jailer on several occasions was about to remove the restraints but Wettstein would then “go into his ‘gangsta’ routine.”He was eventually placed in a cell, but “within minutes” began pounding on his cell door and making threats against officers, according to the report. The jailer advised Wettstein that he would be placed back in the restraint chair. Wettstein allegedly said if officers entered the cell, he would make them “bleed.”The report says police officer Dan Davis then displayed a Taser, to which Wettstein inquired, “You gonna use that on me?” Davis said only if Wettstein continued resisting.Officers entered his cell and brought him to the chair, Wettstein continued resisting and Davis used a two-second Taser “touch” on the suspect’s upper thigh, according to authorities, and Wettstein immediately complied. He was secured in the restraint chair and later placed in a holding cell.Wettstein is charged with third-degree assault and underage consumption.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is chad@aspentimes.com