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Police say Basalt man crashed party, took golf cart

BASALT – A Basalt man faces a felony charge and two misdemeanors after police say he crashed his car at the Roaring Fork Club earlier this month, crashed a wedding reception at the clubhouse and then fled on a golf cart after he was asked to leave.

Basalt police arrested Weston Richard Schmidt, 28, at his home in Sagewood the day after the Dec. 1 incident. Sgt. Stu Curry said Schmidt was at the Roaring Fork Club on a Saturday night when he hit a sign with his car before parking. He entered the wedding reception and was eventually asked to leave, Curry said. It was unclear from the police report if Schmidt was unknown by the wedding party or known but unwanted. At any rate, he was escorted out of the reception, Curry said, and decided to travel by golf cart rather than by his car. Curry said Schmidt’s car wasn’t disabled, so Curry didn’t know why Schmidt chose the golf cart.

“He takes the golf cart back to his residence at Sagewood,” Curry said. That is a distance of roughly four miles. Curry said police were uncertain about the route Schmidt took to get home. He could have taken pedestrian paths into Basalt, then negotiated side streets, but at some point, he had to travel Two Rivers Road and at least a short section of Highway 82. He was traveling at night.

“It’s amazing somebody took a golf cart that far,” Curry said.

Another resident of Sagewood works at the Roaring Fork Club. He saw the golf cart the following morning and suspected where it came from. He called another official from the club who came and confirmed the golf cart’s ownership.

A police officer visited Schmidt at his house the day after the alleged misadventure and arrested him on suspicion of felony theft, according to Curry. The alleged theft qualified as a felony because the golf cart was valued between $6,000 and $8,000, he said.

Schmidt also was arrested on suspicion of failure to report an accident, a misdemeanor; and second-degree trespassing, a misdemeanor, for allegedly crashing the private wedding reception, Curry said.


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