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Police saved my ‘life’

Dear Editor:I would like to thank Officer George Dow and Chief Keith Ikeda and staff of the Basalt Police Department for their exceptional dedication and diligence on a criminal trespass that occurred last week.Last Wednesday, Dec. 14, I was having a lovely holiday dinner with some friends in Basalt and came out to find that my vehicle had been ransacked and my briefcase had been stolen. (They left the yoga mat, guess they weren’t the spiritual, Zen, karma, good juju types – but we knew that!)In the briefcase was my day-runner with social security cards (yes, multiple, I’ve been married a few times); my birth certificate from New Orleans (fat chance I can get a replacement); bonds (anyone can cash them), and every single user name and password I have ever used (I shop way too much, and boy can it be frustrating not to be able to log in). In other words, my “life.” I hear you saying what an idiot she is; I know, my head is hanging in shame. Officer George Dow and Chief Keith Ikeda tirelessly tracked down leads (there were other break-ins that night), followed footprints in the snow, and sifted through dumpsters in their quest to solve the crime.I’m ecstatic to say they have recovered my day-planner, my WW journal, and other victims’ items. They, with the help of their department have gone beyond the call of duty in their pursuit of justice and identified a suspect, applied for an arrest warrant and this all by Friday afternoon.Additionally, I received a call from the Commerce City Police who also contacted these punks (sorry if I’m not PC) Friday doing bad things like trying to use another woman’s stolen credit card from Basalt and in possession of my multiple social security cards, which they found highly suspicious. Basalt Police conferred with Commerce City and have been able to solidify a slam-dunk on this little crime spree, I hope. Great cooperating police work. Yes, I’m going to be locking my doors. (Yes they were unlocked – after 20 years, the police in and around Aspen have instilled an insanely safe and secure world for me – I promise I’ll get past the roundabout more often!) I’ll heed the advice that by locking the doors it’s keeping honest people honest, and the punks, if they really want to get in, they’ll break a window.I thank all the law enforcement of the valley for those 20-plus years of innocent, trusting security they made me feel. In addition, most of all, thanks to Officer George Dow – he’s my hero – he found my “life.” I wasn’t sure what I was going to do without it (less shopping for sure!) Seriously, thanks to the entire police community for all their hard work.Tricia LouthisAspen

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