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Police officer was just doing his job

Dear Editor:

In regards to the front-page story on Thursday, March 10, 2011 (The Aspen Times) about the “Woman who blew a .232. will not face DUI charge,” I am appalled at the stance Lawson Wills has taken in defense of his clients.

I am fully aware of his duty to protect his clients from the law after they break various crimes. I am so offended that your defense of Erika Gallegos contends that Officer Cole was overzealous in his pursuit of a possible drunk driver. I read and understand that there were some procedural errors that led to the case being thrown out, but did you have to claim that Officer Cole was overly aggressive in his pursuit? How should officers in this community, or any for that matter, pursue possible drunk drivers? Should we adopt a laissez faire policy towards possible drunk drivers? Let everyone keep driving until they hit a parked car, run over a dog, or maybe only when they actually kill someone?

I don’t know the women in this case from a hole in the wall; she may in fact be a truly wonderful person, but she is also very selfish and foolish. No one in this community is more important than anyone else, but you are saying you are more important every time you get behind the wheel drunk. I hope you have at least learned a lesson in all of this and never get behind the wheel drunk again, try being a part of this community not a detriment to it.

We live in a place that makes it very easy to not drive home drunk, RFTA, Tipsy Taxi and even free cab Phil make it a breeze to get home without having to get behind the wheel. I for one commend Officer Cole on his actions and hope that he and his fellow officers continue to keep the streets safe of drunk drivers.

I am sorry if I seem a bit “over-aggressive” in my letter but I lost a very dear friend to a drunk driver, and that is a pain I do not wish upon anyone. I still think about you, Danny! Every day!

Aidan Lynn