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Police: Men said stolen bike was for actor Sean Connery

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times
Kyle Edwards

Agent 007 probably wouldn’t have been impressed with the chicanery employed by two intoxicated men who allegedly tried to steal a motorcycle from downtown Aspen early Saturday.

The two men — Michael Dickinson, 24, of Snowmass Village, and Kyle Edwards, 21, of Atlanta — first caught the attention of an Aspen police officer at about 1:20 a.m. as they tried to push the motorcycle across the intersection of South Mill Street and East Hopkins Avenue, according to a police report.

Thinking they might need help, officer Duxton Milam asked if they were having a problem. Dickinson told him he needed help starting the bike.

“Dickinson stated that he thought ‘the clutch cable might be broken’ because he could not get the bike to roll,” Milam wrote in his report.

However, at that point, the officer noticed a cable lock wrapped around the motorcycle’s rear wheel. He also smelled alcohol on the men, and they admitted they’d been drinking, the report states.

Dickinson told the officer he wasn’t planning on riding the motorcycle; he just wanted to start it. Edwards said they just wanted to get the bike back to their friend’s house. The officer then asked Edwards his friend’s name.

“He said it was ‘Sean Connery,’” the officer wrote.

Dickinson, who refused to give officers his name and didn’t have any identification on him, told the officer he didn’t know whom the motorcycle belonged to and didn’t have permission to be sitting on it. Edwards, however, told the officer the bike belonged to Dickinson, according to the report.

Other officers arrived on the scene and separated the two men. They attempted to reach the owner of the motorcycle but were unsuccessful.

The officer talking to Edwards told him he appeared too intoxicated to drive and decided to arrest him for theft, according to another police report. Edwards began yelling “Why?” and attempted to pull away from the officer.

“I ordered Edwards to place his hands behind his back and he suddenly broke away from my grip and began running into Mill Street,” officer Dave Rosselot wrote in his report. “Edwards ran into the front of my parked patrol vehicle and fell onto the ground.”

Edwards continued to resist until the officers were able to get him in handcuffs, the report states. He later “became apologetic” on the way to the Pitkin County Jail, and told the officer he ran because he was scared.

Milam saw Edwards run and turned to Dickinson.

“I then asked Dickinson if I was going to have a problem and he said, ‘no,’” Milam wrote in his report.

Dickinson was charged with theft, while Edwards was charged with theft and resisting arrest.