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Police investigating cocaine incident at Aspen High School

Jennifer Davoren
Aspen Times Staff Writer

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two Aspen High School students who allegedly used cocaine in a school bathroom.

The students were reportedly found in a bathroom on Thursday by Assistant Principal Tom Dodd.

No arrests have been made, and the incident is still under investigation. The substance has been sent away for testing. Deputy Bruce Benjamin, Pitkin County’s juvenile investigator, was unavailable for comment over the weekend.

Aspen High School Principal Kendall Evans also was not available for comment. He told police last week that he was interviewing students about the incident.

The students involved in the investigation will also be interviewed by Dodd on Tuesday, when school resumes after the Columbus Day holiday. However, the school will not take disciplinary action until results from tests performed on the alleged drugs have been returned, District Superintendent Tom Farrell said.

“I think, right now, we’re just waiting to see the results from the testing,” he said.

If the substance is cocaine, it will be Aspen High’s first incident with the drug during Farrell’s 15-year tenure, he said. However, the school does have punitive measures in place for such a serious violation.

“If they’re dealing [drugs] or giving it away, that’s grounds for expulsion,” Farrell explained. “If they’re using it, that means a suspension and a drug evaluation.”

The evaluation, conducted by Aspen Counseling Services, will determine whether the student has a drug abuse problem. Students are not accepted back at AHS without undergoing the treatment, Farrell said.

He said he plans to meet with Benjamin today to discuss the investigation.

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