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Police investigate Baldy Mountain death

Nicole Formosa
Summit County correspondent
Aspen, CO Colorado

SUMMIT COUNTY ” The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the weekend death of a female at a campsite off Baldy Mountain Road.

Summit County sheriff’s deputies responded to a 911 call on Saturday morning reporting a semi-conscious male lying in the vicinity of the North Fuller Placer trailhead off of Baldy Mountain Road, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

The injured male told the hiker who found him that he had been stabbed and his girlfriend had passed away at their campsite.

The injured party was incoherent and disoriented and could not identify where the campsite was located.

A Summit County ambulance transported the injured male to St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center; he was transferred to Denver for treatment of his injuries.

Search and Rescue, Breckenridge police and Summit County deputies immediately began searching the area for the campsite.

It took several hours to find the campsite, which was located in a densely wooded area on the mountain.

Upon entering the tent, they found a deceased female.

There were no visible signs of trauma to the victim.

Investigators secured both the campsite and trail where the injured male was found and initiated an investigation.

Investigators interviewed the injured male upon his return to Summit County late Saturday evening.

As a result of the interview process and evidence collected at the campsite, authorities believe the man’s stab wound was inflicted by his girlfriend.

This was consistent with the blood found on the deceased woman’s hands.

The couple had a domestic dispute the evening before which resulted in the attack.

The female party bandaged the wound and then the male party fell asleep.

When he awakened Saturday morning, he discovered his partner was deceased and tried to hike out to get help.

The investigation is ongoing pending the outcome of the autopsy, which is scheduled for Monday.

No charges have thusfar been filed.

The names of the parties involved are not being released.