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Pointers for the press

Dear Editor:

I take exception to your Nov. 8 article on Aspen City Council’s executive session review of legal issues surrounding ballot transparency. You referred to me as a “political activist,” and failed to invoke my long-established moniker in the press, “defeated sore loser and gadfly.” As you compose your correction, perhaps you can compensate for the oversight by including the updated references emanating from City Hall, “bitter, vitriolic data-miner.”

You also erroneously referred to me as a Republican, although I’m unaffiliated. While the error doesn’t bother me, you might expect to see a demand for correction coming from the GOP.

On a serious note, thank you for covering some of the issues in play in a significant matter of open-government concerns playing out at City Hall – matters on which most citizens have little information. While the executive session did not provide much information for your reporter, as he continues to research the story behind those closed doors your readers will gain some insights that closed-door sessions obscure.

If your reporter is permitted to learn the facts, then your readers will be in a position to reach their own conclusions on the issues.

Marilyn Marks



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