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Poetry in motion

Dear Editor:

With the election frenzy behind us and ski season not quite here I thought it might be a good time to revisit Aspen’s favorite headache: the S-curves! I’ve been told the results of the city’s recent survey will be out sometime after the new year.

So, in the meantime, I offer readers a little anagrammatic ditty on the subject. Let’s call it “Just an Old-Fashioned Ski Town.” Voila!

C’est Aspen, n’est-ce pas?

It’s a *spa* – set past

Independence Pass.

A top spa!

Ahhh, but set in the past

Best a sentence be passed:

Its S-entrance, as passed,

Is Not Tops!

As it’s set – in that spot –

Auto “assets” get popped.

I posit ‘esses’

As penned: a Straight Shot!

Paul Buechler