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Poetry for the rich and famous

Dear Editor:I hopped the “Rich and Famous” van;To see star dwellings was my plan.A clan from Wichita and IGave Aspen’s homes the eagle eye.Starwood, alas, was “out of bounds”No chance to see Prince Bandar’s grounds,But Costner’s homestead made me tingle(It’s rumored he will soon be single).Our guide, the amiable Amy,Spun history both rich and gamyAbout Ted Bundy’s local crimesAnd Aspen’s once coke-dusted times*Along with million-dollar talesOf mega-profits from house sales.We saw homes sold by Kenneth Lay.Clint Eastwood’s place was on our way.As famous names came fast and thick,The 2-1/2-hour ride seemed quick:Will Smith, George Clooney in the hopper(House trim most popular was copper).One noted home was pink, one green.Oprah and Trump have made the scene.Bass fiddler, Amy plays at darkFor Aspen’s Theatre-in-the-Park.In talent rich, famed locally,She well enriched us vocally.I loved the tour, yet, not deluded,To ward off envy I concluded:As wealth and fame can disappear,This pricey tour will change each year.Although one’s home may not be glitzy,Just being here can feel quite ritzy,And nature’s treasure house comes free -Eternal its celebrity.*Favorite quote: “In the ’80s they gave the snow report in grams, not inches.”Ethel GofenChicago

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