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Dear Editor:

‘Twas the day after voting, and all through the land

We learned where all the electorate stands.

“Repubs hate women,” liberals cheer.

They’ll lock you all up by this time next year.

Well, Obama’s a Muslim; he reads the Quran

And he just hasn’t proved where his life began.

Oh yeah, well, I heard Mitt hides his cash

In the mattress in Cayman along with his stash.

Well, Democrats are traitors; they hate the U.S.

If they weren’t all on welfare, I bet they’d confess

Our way is better, theirs a disaster.

If we listen to you, we’ll go downhill faster.

Well, if we adopt all their values, we’ll certainly die.

They hate America, you cannot deny.

If this year’s election did not serve your needs

There’s one consolation: We legalized weed.

Don Chaney

Glenwood Springs

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