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Poem of praise

This poem was written in honor of last month’s “Praise in the Park” gathering in Glenwood Springs.

Who are these people

Called Praise in the Park

They start working in the morning

Until way after dark

Some come from Loveland

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And a place called “REZ”

Plus a lot of local churches,

Least that’s what someone says

These are ordinary working folks

Just like you and me

Yet they have one thing in common

They know Jesus set ’em free

To live a life of freedom

Needing nevermore to fear

They’ve traded in their sorrows

They can be of good cheer

So they come to praise His Name

And to sing and dance and shout

Overflowing with good news

They’ve just got to let it out

They want to tell the whole world

And let `em know it’s true

That what God really wants

Is to be close to you

That is why He sent Jesus

Yes, He’s the only one

Who came and made a way

When it looked like there was none

Yes, He came to earth for us, cuz

We couldn’t go to Him

He is knocking on your heart

Won’t you please let Him in

He’s got great plans for you

Filled with hope and a future

In Christ, the old you dies

And you become a new creature

Then you can live this new life

Free from sin and shame

And you’ll come to understand

Why they love to praise His name

Now there’s only one thing that is

Left for you to do

Invite Jesus in your heart

And see all your dreams come true.

Invite Jesus in your heart

And see all God’s dreams come true.

Jim DeBerge