Plenty of reasons to vote no |

Plenty of reasons to vote no

Let’s review what we know about the Marketplace and question what we do not.-Water. Last year, Carbondale implemented mandatory water restrictions. The Crystal River nearly ran dry. How does the Marketplace improve our quantity and quality of water? How did Carbondale suddenly come up with all the extra water?-Traffic. WE have too much right now. How does the Marketplace REDUCE overall traffic? Depending on which of the developers’ own figures you would like to believe, the Marketplace will generate between 2.5 million and 4.5 million new vehicle trips per year. Are you kidding me? How does this town absorb that?-Air. Last winter, vehicular air pollution completely blacked out views of Mount Sopris at least twice. The viewplane in multiple directions was compromised on an additional 30 days or more. Air quality in this valley gets worse every year. Vehicle-born emissions are linked to cancer and are known to reduce average life expectancies in polluted areas by 7-10 years. How does dumping several million more vehicle trips on this town IMPROVE our air quality?-Developers and Credibility. The developers have consistently refused to divulge their past track records. They have allegedly failed to pay at least three unresolved bills, including failure to pay rent on leased properties and failure to pay a $900 tab at a local restaurant. Were these actions ever resolved? If not, why not? What is their record? Do we have a right to know? Balance the developers’ right to privacy against the fact that these are some very public figures proposing the largest and most controversial project in Carbondale’s history and I say absolutely we do.-Highway Improvements. The developers will front $2.8 million for Highway 133 upgrades. They will, in turn, recoup this money from the merchants in the mall. The merchants will pass their costs on to you, the consumer. Ultimately, it will be us that will cover ALL Highway 133 expenses.-Social and Schools. What are the social impacts of 150-200 new, low-paying jobs? How will this affect our schools? Where is the study? Why aren’t we getting at least one new school out of this?-Infrastructure. A responsible town government will insist that infrastructure PRECEDE development and that development will pay its own way. Not going to happen.-Carbondale can make better choices than this and it should. Vote no July 15.Steve AveryCarbondale

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