Plenty of false praise |

Plenty of false praise

Dear Editor:Yawn. Yet another article about how great the Aspen Skiing Co. is with all their planned improvements to Snowmass Ski Area and how they did not sell out Base Village following the Crown family’s commitment that they were here for the long haul and to “trust us.” This surely to be followed by yet another article about how they are saving the world with their “Save the Snow” campaign and how wonderful they are for buying up real estate downvalley to house their employees. I guess their motto is, “Think Globally, Screw the Locals.” Please.Where’s the Sam’s Knob restaurant and the employee housing at Sinclair in Snowmass Village? Both of which Skico is contractually obligated to build … this year! Skico’s claim that their restaurant was not approved and they had to delay construction is a total cop-out. They had a backup plan in place. They could have easily started the day after the lifts closed. Meanwhile, Snowmass Village loses precious tax revenues, and we all have one less critical on-mountain amenity. The lot on Sinclair sits empty while Skico buys up real estate downvalley, adding to the upward pressure on prices and forcing more people into a daily commute. The Snowmass Village Town Council needs to stick to their guns and enforce the penalties against Skico for not completing these projects as promised. Continuing to let them off without penalty only leaves the door open for more excuses in the future.I would hope the Snowmass Town Council members and members of this community have learned from the not-so-recent past mistakes not to trust the Skico or other developers to deliver on their promises and commitments; they must be watched closely.Dan DiMariaSnowmass Village

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