Pledging your loyalty |

Pledging your loyalty

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the staff, volunteers and board of directors of Aspen Public Radio, I want to thank all of you who made your pledge of support during Aspen Public Radio’s winter 2008 pledge drive.

The outpouring of support during this, our 20th anniversary of local programming, has truly been amazing. We received pledges from every town in the Roaring Fork Valley as well as calls from Marble, Redstone and Meredith ” not to mention the calls we received from towns along the Colorado River Valley from Rifle to Eagle.

I would like to offer an additional thanks to all the businesses and individuals who contributed goods and services to the station as part of its pledge drive. By the way, many of these still are available as thank you gifts on our website!

Again, thank you one and all for keeping public radio in our community healthy and vital!

Andrew Todd

executive director

Aspen Public Radio


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