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Please vote

Dear Editor:I ran into an acquaintance last week, and as we caught up on each other’s lives the subject turned to our disillusionment with the state of the nation and the world. She said that she was so disheartened by the situation that she intended not to vote.This has haunted me, so I’m writing to implore her to reconsider her decision, especially after watching HBO’s “Iron Jawed Angels.” The story of the struggle women waged to achieve the right to vote is inspiring and powerful. And the attempts to refuse this right by those in power is particularly pertinent to our current situation. I urge all who are feeling frustrated this election year to rent this film.Women are the difference in this election. Women whose lives are busy caring for their families and multiple jobs, and feeling overwhelmed by the political mumbo-jumbo, are the very ones being courted for their votes. Do not shy away from this very powerful position. No one emerges from the voting booth feeling disempowered, regardless of the outcome.And do not be afraid to simply vote for change. While male leaders continue to argue about the size of each others’ missiles, women can contribute to progress by simply moving forward, taking baby steps, but moving forward. Staying the course through inaction is not the answer. If you are unhappy with our present situation, simply vote for change.Forward out of darkness, leave behind the night. Forward out of error, forward into light. Please vote!PJ BreslinRifle