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Please vote

Dear Editor:The strength of America’s great experiment in democracy lies in the fact that citizens have the ultimate check and balance at the ballot box. It is our responsibility to exercise that right, particularly when our government is “off-track.”A majority of Americans know that we are on the wrong track – a war based on deception results in ongoing deaths and political instability, tax cuts for wealthy citizens who may not have even asked for them leads to unprecedented indebtedness for our children, an environmental policy that ignores good science and our responsibility to address future threats to human habitat, and an energy policy that ignores the technological and job creating benefits of working with, rather than against, nature.During the debate last week, President Bush put a face to the policies that his administration has pursued for four years – angry, petulant, and out-of-touch with reality. John Kerry and John Edwards offer voters a chance to get America back on track. Please vote.Bob SchultzCarbondale