Please stop the horseplay |

Please stop the horseplay

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it enough that we are subjected to both Roger Marolt’s and Lorenzo Semple’s relentless, banal, trivial and unintelligible columnar diatribes on a weekly basis?

Now I suppose under a banner of the First Amendment, you feel it necessary to allow them to carry on their meaningless, nonsensical and ignorant competitive horseplay banter in your letters to the editor, of course demeaning and degrading whatever semblance of journalistic respect and adequacy they might have had left.

The only saving grace is that you have some good writers remaining in Condon, Urquhart, Colson, Oksenhorn, Salvail and Smith, who offset the Ro-Lo triviality.

It wasn’t enough for you that Marolt hid his identity in the letters section, in cowardice, for years with pseudonyms (for which you rewarded him with a column); now you have expanded this feeble engagement of putrefaction and ensured that the rest of us needed to be punished even further for continuing to read the unmitigated feces they expel in words regularly – now in the letters, no less.

Certainly I can choose not to read it, but why continue to waste your paper’s valuable space and your readers’ valuable time when you could be publishing the likes of some of your other regular lunatic letter writers’ rantings, ravings and gems of misinformation.

Ro-Lo – please stop! We give up. We’re waving the white flag of journalistic surrender. Please, take your ludicrous semantics of insanity somewhere, anywhere, where the rest of us aren’t subjected to it almost daily. Only in Aspen would a paper allow this kind of egocentric, publicly abusive nonsense to continue incessantly.

Now, go play together like nice boys on the mountain, hike up or ski down together, where you can exchange your war of words personally, slap each other silly with your boots, poles, skins and skis, and stop acting like two immature school children on a public playground. Consider yourselves appropriately scolded – you both deserve a detention.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to use the latest issue with your columns, for a daily ritual.

Bennett A. Bramson

Old Snowmass


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