Please renew Healthy Community Fund |

Please renew Healthy Community Fund

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to support Referendum 1A, which asks Pitkin County voters to renew and slightly increase the dedicated property tax which supports the Healthy Community Fund.

This fund helps to create a community partnership between businesses, individuals, nonprofits and the public sector through grants to providers of health and human services, and community nonprofits. It is estimated that HCF agencies reach and support over 25,000 people from Aspen to Parachute by improving access to health services, preventing and treating substance abuse, diminishing the impacts of mental illness, protecting vulnerable children and adults and caring for the terminally ill and their families.

The Healthy Community Fund reflects our values to help each other when we are in need and gives all of us opportunities to grow and lead more meaningful lives. None of us knows when we are going to need help from the services and opportunities provided with this fund.

Please participate in this election and vote. And vote yes for 1A.

Karma Borgquist


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