Please, PLEASE, read the facts |

Please, PLEASE, read the facts

I would like everyone to know that An Efficient and Safe Entrance to Aspen (EASE) has not nor ever will support any four-lane entrance to Aspen ? lubed, tubed or not.

Just in case voters in town or you “irrelevant” county voters are getting your “facts” from anywhere but the Record of Decision, the Environmental Impact Statement or people who have actually read those documents, the chances are ridiculously high that you are getting inaccurate or simply untrue information.

Read most of the letters to the editor the last four or five months and compare the “facts” to the reality in the EIS that withstood the “Friends?” legal challenge of the ROD.

The simple fact is that there are two lanes of pavement in the 1996 voter approved Entrance to Aspen alignment and open space conveyance, not four. PERIOD. NO KIDDING! NO LUBRICANT!

The light at Cemetery Lane gets moved to 7th and Main so there is still only one light between Truscott and the existing light at Aspen Street. The only way the three stoplights mentioned in the ROD go in is if light rail turns out to be financially feasible and is approved by the voters.

The two-lane parkway, cut-and-cover tunnel and bridge replacements that were supported in ?96 by the Parkway Alliance led by John Bennett, Charlie Tarver, Howie Mallory, Jamie Knowlton, et all, does NOT go through Bruce Berger’s landmarked house, does NOT destroy the Holden Marolt museum and does NOT go though the hang gliders’ landing zone.

I know that Charlie hasn’t forgotten we had a vote in ?96 that approved the modified direct alignment AND open space conveyance, and I’m wondering what the rest of you guys remember?

Have some of you possibly forgotten when CDOT had to pour concrete under the Maroon Creek bridge structural footings during the spring runoff about 10 years ago so that the bearing structure was not undermined? Or when CDOT had to replace the decking under the asphalt with timbers when pieces of the roadway were falling into the river below?

To call this bridge “safe” is simply disingenuous and it doesn’t matter how strong the iron is. The simple fact is that the bridge was designed and built as a singletrack railroad crossing and not for cars.

The two lanes of decking that were added onto the bridge structure to accommodate vehicular traffic were installed in 1927 and in no way contemplated 23,000 cars trips per day.

I live on Hallam Street and am seriously affected by the level of misinformation that the S-curve proponents are putting out as fact. I have copies of the ROD, the EIS and the ballot language from ?96 when the citizens of Aspen, NOT the current council, voted 60 percent to 40 percent to approve the modified direct alignment and open space conveyance for that alignment to CDOT.

I welcome any discussions of fact or opinions based on facts, not personal attacks.

David Guthrie


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