Please, DEA, keep fighting war on drugs |

Please, DEA, keep fighting war on drugs

Dear Editor:

Somebody has to do the job Aspen law enforcement officials here are afraid to do, so why not the DEA?

Several years ago the Aspen Police Department tried to step on the drug culture here and the sheriff’s department – under Bob Braudis – squelched it.

Now they’re saying the DEA doesn’t understand “small-town drug problems.” What’s the difference in small-town drugs and big-city drugs except a sheriff’s department which doesn’t think drugs are a problem?

Keep up the good work, DEA officials. Somebody has to do something about Aspen’s drug problem – and soon.

I endorse Paul Cherrett’s stance on the DEA and its efforts to deal with the Aspen drug problem.

Etna Tauscher


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