Please be extra careful |

Please be extra careful

Have the fires in Glenwood, so close to home, really made an impression on us as responsible citizens of this valley?

While driving home from work at 2:30 a.m. Saturday evening, approaching Holland Hills, there was a small black vehicle, license plate ETZ-4688, in front of me. I saw one lit cigarette go out the driver’s side window and break up into many little sparks.

I was absolutely floored, watching to make sure none of the sparks ignited, and wondering how I can reach these people (I do not have a cell phone).

To my amazement, not two minutes later another lit cigarette was tossed out the passenger’s side window. I was devastated and felt a very sinking feeling about the safety of our valley.

PLEASE, please everyone, be aware of your bad habits and remember to be sooo extra careful during this very dangerous time.

Susan DeCillis

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