Plea deal from April crime spree provides chance for Snowmass Village man |

Plea deal from April crime spree provides chance for Snowmass Village man

20-year-old Vresilovic gets chance to clear record with two years of probation

A local man who admitted to his role in a burglary and a string of car thefts earlier this year was given a significant chance to turn his life around Tuesday.

Though Perry Vresilovic, 20, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two felonies that could have landed him in prison for a maximum of nearly two decades, his plea deal calls for the charges to be wiped from his record if he successfully completes two years of probation.

“Mr. Vresilovic has brought himself just to the precipice of having lifelong (consequences),” prosecutor Don Nottingham said. “This is not a disposition (that will have) a permanent affect on him if he starts making better decisions.”

If Vresilovic doesn’t and continues to make poor decisions, he will have two felonies on his permanent record — which will have serious lifelong consequences — and could face punishment behind bars for the two felonies he pleaded to Tuesday, Nottingham said.

Vresilovic was arrested in April, along with Caleb Rucker, 19, of Fort Collins. The two met in a detention facility, and Vresilovic invited Rucker to stay with him at his Snowmass Village apartment because he was a “lost soul,” said Kathy Goudy, Vresilovic’s attorney.

Police later accused Vresilovic and Rucker in court documents of breaking into an apartment in the complex where Vresilovic lived and stealing several items from inside. Police also said the two allegedly stole three cars and broke in to and stole from seven others in the Aspen area.

Rucker pleaded guilty in August to two counts of felony first-degree criminal trespassing and was sentenced to three years in prison. He also faced a seven-year prison sentence from Larimer County, where he fled from a community corrections program after pleading guilty to two counts of felony motor vehicle theft and two felony counts of motor vehicle trespassing.

Goudy portrayed Rucker as the ringleader of the April crimes in Aspen and Snowmass Village. She said Vresilovic was involved in the burglary, though he tried to “put back” the items Rucker stole from the Snowmass Village apartment. Vresilovic also tried to stop Rucker from stealing the cars, though he briefly rode in one of them.

Nottingham agreed that Rucker was the central figure in the April burglary and thefts, which is why he received a harsher sentence. Nottingham said he’s known Vresilovic for the past few years through cases filed against him in the juvenile criminal justice system and thinks he’s a “nice kid” and a “well-meaning kid” who makes bad decisions.

“I just hope I don’t have to see him again in court,” he said.

Vresilovic thanked Nottingham for the second-chance plea deal, and said he now has a good job he hopes will help him achieve a brighter future outside the criminal justice system.

District Judge Anne Norrdin said she thought the plea deal was appropriate under the circumstances.

In addition to the two years of probation, Vresilovic also was sentenced to 30 days in jail, though he will be able to serve the sentence on weekends though a program at the Garfield County Jail that will allow him to keep his job.


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