Playing us for fools |

Playing us for fools

Dear Editor:

Obviously election season is upon us. Let me say right off that this letter is not intended to endorse one candidate over the other, merely to point out how acceptable dishonest and inaccurate language has become in our political debate.

I’m sure everyone listening to local radio has heard the ads promoting Gail Schwartz over Bob Rankin. These ads are not “endorsed” by Gail Schwartz, but some other group, but as far as I’m concerned that’s a technicality. I don’t usually listen to these things, but this one plays so often I can’t avoid it – and that sucks for you, Gail, because the blatant dishonesty in the ad has truly pissed me off. It starts with “some call him ‘Big Oil Bob.'” Who? The ad maker’s grandmother? Besides, “Big Oil Bob” was Bob Schaffer, not Bob Rankin – playing on someone else’s label from a previous election is even more despicable in my opinion. Then it goes on to say “word is Big Oil has him in its pocket.” “Word is?” Yeah, the makers of the ad have started this rumor and they’re going to ride that horse until it’s dead.

OK, now that I’ve ranted, back to the essential point: rumor and innuendo have become so insidious in our national dialogue that I am afraid that voters are not even recognizing it anymore. If you hear a campaign ad with “word is” or “some say” then quite honestly, you’ve got to wonder who’s actually saying these things. More than likely it’s the creator of the ad. And finally, if you are a candidate and someone creates a blatantly dishonest ad on your behalf, then in my crazy little world, you call those idiots and tell them you don’t want your name associated with it. If you as a voter are listening and basing your opinion on ads like these, then all I can say is wake up – you are being manipulated.

So there you go. Don’t start in on me on the online forums as a Republican puppet, or Bob Rankin supporter, or anything else like that, because I don’t like him either. My point is that the dishonesty in politics has become so insidious and prevalent that it barely registers, but it’s still there. It’s time we all actually listened with a critical ear to what’s being forced down our collective consciousness and thought for ourselves.

Mary Holley


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