Playing in the dark |

Playing in the dark

Dear Editor:So a few of the lead mudheads in Aspen’s horse’s ass herd are bothered by the Friday night lights of a football match or a lacrosse scrimmage? Bummer. I wonder if these same self-absorbed and increasingly rude members of this fat city’s ruling class are also bugged by the chronic and nearly sonic booming of its private jettery. I’ll bet not. Heck, let’s turn the lights off – that way the kids can snort and smoke and drink and hump each other stupid under the cover of darkness just like their role models who stumble out of the Caribou Club at 2 in the morning. Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens and currently my favorite Islamofacist, once asked, where do the children play? Not in Aspen, apparently.Patrick HasburghPanorama, BC, Canada

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