Players will thrive with indoor tennis |

Players will thrive with indoor tennis

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Aspen City Council.

Dear Editor:

There is a move in Aspen to put an indoor tennis center over the public tennis courts in Aspen. I want to tell you why we should put an indoor bubble over the city tennis courts. I’m a huge tennis player. My dream is to get a tennis scholarship to college. If I can’t play year-round tennis, that won’t happen.

When I go to Denver or Colorado Springs to play in tennis tournaments, I can’t get past the semifinals, because they are better than me. The kids on the Front Range have the opportunity to play tennis everyday, all year round. I do not have this opportunity.

My short-term dream is to win a tournament and be able to beat my mom. Playing only in the summer and fall does not help me as much as playing year round. The more you hit the ball, the better you get! We need a play to play tennis all year around!

There are many more kids that feel this way. In the summer, the tennis courts are full of kids of all levels at the Aspen city courts. What happens to all of these kids in the winter? The kids of Aspen would be very thankful if you did this favor for us.

Taylor Thulson, age 11