Play by the rules, Jack |

Play by the rules, Jack

Dear Editor:Certain professions are required to be licensed. Architecture is one of them. It is important to recognize that misrepresentation in business agreements may allow both punitive and consequential damages. Jack Johnson is wrong to represent himself to the public as an architect, although he is indeed trained as one. The threshold is whether one may enter into legal contracts when required for the construction of buildings beyond a certain size and scope depending upon the laws of each state.I am writing not to sway voters in the election but rather to encourage Jack Johnson to adopt the well known rules of conduct within the profession.Hopefully, he will become a licensed architect and may later join the American Institute of Architects and adhere to their Code of Ethics as well as state requirements.I am currently a licensed architect in five states and have active projects in Snowmass Village, Mammoth Lakes, California, Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City.Sven Erik AlstromAspen

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