Plastic surgery exposed |

Plastic surgery exposed

Dick Butera’s recent letter to the paper most definitely exposed some major plastic surgery. When I first came to Aspen, I knew who Mrs. Paepcke was, but I never dared approach her, because she truly was extraordinary.

This was in 1969, and if you think that qualifies me for major cosmetic overhauls, it does, except suffice it to say I was not yet of legal drinking age.

Since then I have had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Paepcke’s granddaughter, Toni Zurcher, who is accomplished, beautiful, kind and compassionate. Perhaps Aspen Magazine would like to do some photo shoots of Toni, and Jaylene Park, the beautiful mother of three children and president of US Bank.

There is also an extremely pretty lift operator at the top of the quad on Aspen Mountain whose name I haven’t caught yet. In no way am I suggesting that the women profiled by Aspen Magazine are not natural beauties, in addition to being talented and generous, however, I do get the gist of what Mr. Butera is trying to pass along, so let me relate a dinner conversation involving one of the women Aspen Magazine profiled:

Some neighbors had recently bought a second home in Aspen and invited me to dinner. During the dinner the phone rang. The caller was one of the women profiled. She asked what the neighbors were up to. Upon being told that they were having dinner with someone who lived full time next door, she replied, “But why are you bothering with the locals?”

When the last snow flake falls and the last aspen leaf turns gold it doesn’t matter much where we all come from.

Lastly, I really must defend Dick Butera. He is a philanthropist. He gives generously where needed and does not ask to be recognized or have his name put on the building.

With best wishes to all for a peaceful New Year.

Beatrice Maresi


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