Plastic bag saves the day |

Plastic bag saves the day

Dear Editor:

I have been following the plastic vs. burlap bag issue.

For the past three weeks our shower drain has seemed to have progressively become slower and slower to drain the water. Today, while showering, my feet were covered with water and it became necessary for me to speed up and complete my shower before the water went over the ledge and on to our bathroom floor. I know you are probably wondering where this is going, but please indulge me and read on.

I thought of calling a plumber to rectify this annoying situation, but I knew that it would cost over $200 and probably take two weeks to get them to pay us a visit.

Getting to the point, I came home from work today and with a simple Philips screwdriver, I removed the shower drain plate and look with a flashlight into the drainpipe. Let’s just say that there was two handfuls of disgusting brown sludge with human hair that with rubber glovers and a hanger I was able to remove.

The question was, what to do with this mess I just excavated. I decided I needed a bag. I asked my wife to bring me a shopping bag and in she walks with two burlap City Market bags. That was not what I had in mind and I asked her for one of those 20-30 cent plastic bags that, in the old days, we use to be able to get without a look of disgust from other shoppers in the checkout line and the cashiers at the market. Well, suffice it to say that the 20- 30-cent bag worked like a gem. I filled it up with this ugly mess and tie a knot with the handles provided and put it in the garbage can. I felt it was great investment, especially considering I just saved $200 on a plumbing bill.

I am not making any political, moral or environmental statements here, I am just happy that I had this cheap little brown plastic bag tonight, worth its weight in gold.

I would have paid a dollar! I think that I have just a little too much time on my hands sitting here typing and sharing this with you!

Jay Gottlieb


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