Plastic ain’t Aspen |

Plastic ain’t Aspen

The recent bus trip to Edwards and Vail to check out artificial turf for our parks brought at least one general consensus ” it is a great product for some, not all, ball fields.

Among other things, to raise tents would require an underground grid that would allow tent spike connections without randomly penetrating the turf itself. Very expensive.

Some could not imagine Wagner Park with no dogs allowed.

Happily, we agreed that plastic grass ” and it is plastic, looks like plastic, is a solid shiny green ” just doesn’t equate with the image of our major town park.

Since World War II, Aspen has become not only the mecca for skiing, outdoor activities and nature enjoyment, it has grown into an international center for the arts, intellectual and cultural pursuits. If for no other reason, plastic grass just doesn’t fit the Aspen aesthetic.

Carol Saunders-White