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Pitkin Republicans are looking ahead

Dear Editor:

Thanks to all the Pitkin County Republicans who participated in our precinct caucuses on Feb. 7 and to the guests who joined us. We’re proud and excited that we had a record turnout in Pitkin County and that the results in Pitkin County caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal and CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

This event could not have succeeded without the great teamwork of the members of the Pitkin County Republicans Central Committee and friends who helped us, all under the able leadership of Anna Zane, our caucus committee chair. Special thanks also to the Aspen School District and Superintendent John Maloy for allowing us to use the common room in the high school for the event, and to Dave LaGrua of the school district staff and his team for assisting with the arrangements.

Under state law, the next step in choosing delegates to the Republican National Convention will be the Republican county assemblies, taking place across Colorado later this month and next. The Pitkin County Republican Assembly will be at 6 p.m. on Feb. 29 at the Pitkin County Library. At the Pitkin County Republican Assembly, delegates elected by the Republicans who attended our precinct caucuses will in turn elect delegates to the Colorado State Assembly (April 13-14), which in turn will elect delegates to the national convention. We hope all residents of Pitkin County will follow this quintessentially grassroots process.

Frieda Wallison

Chairwoman, Pitkin County Republican Party

Old Snowmass


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