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Pitkin County’s Traveler Affidavit Requirement: Answers to questions you might have

Pitkin County Health Department

Here are updated “Frequently Asked Questions” about the Pitkin County health department’s Traveler Affidavit Requirement, which starts Dec. 14 and runs indefinitely. For updates to the FAQ and to fill out the affidavit, go to: covid19.pitkincounty.com. For continued coverage and updates, go to aspentimes.com/coronavirus.

Who is required to complete the Traveler Affidavit?

The requirement is for any guests beginning their stay on Dec. 14 in Pitkin County (there are a few exemptions). The purpose of this program is to provide additional protective measures to help reduce the spread of COVID in our community and keep our businesses and our ski areas open. The more that travelers can do today, the better chance we have for a successful holiday and winter season.

What happens if I develop COVID-19 symptoms while in Pitkin County?

The 72-hour test is a diagnostic test that is a point in time clinical measurement. If you develop symptoms, you may need to be tested again and may need medical attention.

I am looking to obtain a negative COVID-19 test, but I am unable to get tested in my home community that I am traveling from. What can I do?

A traveler who is required to quarantine may be released from the obligation to continue quarantining upon obtaining proof of a COVID-19 negative test, which was administered after the person’s arrival in Pitkin County. Travelers are required to quarantine immediately upon arrival in Pitkin County but may temporarily break quarantine to receive testing. Travelers must arrange for the test at their own expense and then are required to immediately continue quarantining until receiving a negative test result or the 10 days is complete. Guidance on how to obtain a test in Pitkin County can be found here.

Are flight crews required to complete the Affidavit?

Per CDC definition of critical infrastructure, the transportation sector is one of the critical infrastructure industries. Flight crews are included in the transportation sector. Any guests that are not part of the flight crew are still required to adhere to the Traveler Affidavit Requirements.

After completing the travel form, do I need to keep a copy of my submission on-hand?

You should keep the documentation with you. If you obtained a negative COVID-19 test result to be exempt from the self-quarantine requirement you should be prepared to produce those results upon request.

I am traveling with my children. I took a test and have my negative result. Do my kids need a test for COVID-19 as well?

It depends on each child’s age. If your child is under the age of 10, then the child does not need a test. If your child is 10 or older, then the child does need a test.

If I develop symptoms but had a negative test what should I do?

The 72-hour test is a diagnostic test that is a point in time clinical measurement. If you develop symptoms, you may need to be tested again and may need medical attention. Isolate and seek testing. Information about testing is available at https://covid19.pitkincounty.com/get-tested/

I received a call that I should go into quarantine because I was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. My test came back negative three days ago. Do I still need to quarantine?

Yes. If you were exposed to someone known to be COVID-19 positive, then you are at increased risk of becoming positive and will need to quarantine for 10 days in your home residence.

Where can I report concerns I may have about non-compliance with the order?

Individuals may report a public health order violation here.

I had an antigen test which was negative, do I need to be tested again?

A negative test must be obtained 72 hours or less prior to arrival to Pitkin County regardless if a prior antigen test was completed. A Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) test (viral test), such as a RT-PCR test, is strongly preferred. Antigen tests (Rapid Tests) will be accepted if there is limited capacity or inability to receive the NAAT (RT-PCR) test within the 72-hour period.

I have a positive antibodies test result. Do I need to be tested again?

Ongoing research is being conducted to determine the length of time for which COVID-19 antibodies may offer protection from future COVID-19 infection. At this time, persons with detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies are not considered immune and are required to obtain a negative test result within 72 hours of arriving in Pitkin County, so long as it has been more than 90 days since the patient tested positive via RT-PCR or antigen test for COVID-19.

I am entering Pitkin County but do not need to fill out the travel form because I meet an exemption. Do I need written documentation demonstrating that I meet the exemption criteria?

No. But we still expect all travelers to adhere to the commitments of the Affidavit. Adhere to the five commitments, Avoid the three C’s and and comply with all isolation and quarantine requirements if symptomatic or exposed.

I am traveling to Pitkin County and do not meet an exemption criteria. I previously had COVID-19, I isolated pursuant to CDC guidelines and was released from isolation, do I still need to quarantine or meet the testing rule?

​​Based on CDC guidance, if you have received a positive result within 90-days it is treated as the same infection. Anyone ​traveling to Pitkin County ​who tested positive for COVID-19 via a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (e.g. RT-PCR) or antigen test within 90 days prior to the date of departure may also present a positive result so long as the person has been fever-free for 24 hours and has had improvement of all symptoms on the date of departure for Pitkin County.​ Travelers will be required to complete the Traveler Affidavit and maintain documentation of their positive test. ​

I​f your test result was more than 90-days prior to your departure, you are at risk for a new infection and will be required to submit a negative test within 72-hours of arrival or follow the quarantine and testing requirements outline above.

Can international travelers get tested in another country before arriving?

Yes, provided that a viral test sample is obtained 72 hours or less prior to arrival to Pitkin County that is authorized by their Government.

Scan this QR code to access Pitkin County’s Traveler Affidavit:

Additional questions not answered in this document can be submitted to: covidhelp@pitkincounty.com

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