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Pitkin County to launch paperless building permit application and tracking system this May

Staff report

The Pitkin County Community Development department is launching a new building permit submittal and tracking software this May.

According to a county news release, the new Permit Application and Tracking System (PATS), which is powered by SagesGOV, will create a standardized, paperless permit process making information on everything from building permits to planning cases and inspection requests more readily accessible throughout the life cycle of a project.

The system also will allow for email and online communication among the general public, the development community and staff, which can result in higher-quality permit application submissions and plan review.

“This new online process will definitely improve our efficiency, and while we can’t promise that it will always speed up the approval process for more complicated permits, it will make it possible for my staff to share notes and progress reports — all within view of the public,” said Cindy Houben, Community Development director for Pitkin County.

To help local contractors and citizens ease into the new permit submittal and tracking system, Pitkin County will host remote virtual training sessions, along with one-on-one virtual training. The larger group workshops will begin the week of April 20, with the one-on-one sessions starting the following week, the news release said.

Training will run through May 11, which is when the county community development department plans to officially launch the new PATS system.

“We’re confident the new, streamlined online system will be appreciated by the community,” Houben said. “We know the process can be exasperating at times, and an improved process has been a long time coming.”


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