Pitkin County, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers team up this summer on open space projects

Care to help care for our open spaces?

Pitkin County Open Space & Trails
Youngsters dig in at Lazy Glen Open Space in 2021. A planned 2022 project is also geared for the whole family. (Courtesy RFOV)

Pitkin County’s most popular open spaces and trails see a lot of use. They can use a lot of love, too. And, nothing fosters a sense of ownership in our public lands quite like taking care of them, literally.

Anyone from an avid trail user to the individual who’d simply like to spend a day outdoors can find an opportunity to get involved. Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers has a slate of community projects on tap this summer and fall in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond, as well as a list of group projects suitable for civic, youth, business and faith groups, and even families.

Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and RFOV are teaming up this summer to offer four community projects on county open spaces, and have identified a host of group projects on trails and properties around the county. Volunteer opportunities abound.

“With seemingly endless work to do on our well-loved open spaces, this growing partnership is a win for the land and a win for the community. Maintaining the trails you use is a great feeling. We’re also building RFOV’s capacity to do more ecological restoration – another great way to be active outside and leave the world a better place,” said Liza Mitchell, natural resource planner and ecologist for Open Space and Trails.

“It’s obviously very rewarding to walk a trail year after year and see the rock you helped place, the tree you helped plant, or the corridor you opened up with a fence removal. I hope more and more people can find the space in their busy lives to do this work that matters, feels good and is fun!”

Interested in signing up a group for a project? RFOV will arrange a volunteer day to fit the group and its abilities. The projects typically last between 4-8 hours, are arranged for no fewer than six persons, and require no advance training. RFOV supplies the tools and staff members accompany and assist group volunteers. Contact RFOV Project Coordinator Jack Douglas at to arrange an outing. Go to to find out more about group projects.

Volunteers prepare to get to work at Lazy Glen Open Space in 2021. Five hundred small trees were planted. (Courtesy RFOV)

Potential Group Projects on Open Space

Lower Hunter Creek Trail

Red Mountain Trail (Aspen)

Hummingbird Trail

Red Canyon Trail

Jaffee Park River Trail

Seven Star Trail

North Rim Trail

Hunter Creek Trail

Lower Sunnyside Trail

Glassier Open Space

Airline Trail

Sky Mountain Park

Brush Creek Park-and-Ride

Community Projects

Riparian revegetation underway at Lazy Glen Open Space in 2021. (Courtesy RFOV)

Four larger, community projects are planned this year on open spaces – at Lazy Glen Open Space, Sky Mountain Park, North Star Nature Preserve and Glassier Open Space. Individuals are welcome to sign up; some are appropriate for families with youngsters. Registration is required for all RFOV community projects; go to for a complete list of project opportunities.

Lazy Glen Open Space, June 21 – The continuation of a restoration project that began last year, when volunteers planted 500 small trees. Help plant 100 more this year (family friendly).

Sky Mountain Park, Aug. 13 – Assist with the finishing work on a planned new climbing trail at Sky Mountain Park.

North Star Open Space, Aug. 27 – Help reroute a section of the walking trail on the James H. Smith portion of North Star (family friendly).

Glassier Open Space, Sept. 10 – Improve wildlife movement by helping with the removal of old fencing.

Willows propagated from Lazy Glen cuttings are used to revegetate areas of the open space. (Courtesy RFOV)