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Pitkin County open space areas to close for winter

Staff report

Several areas of Pitkin County-owned open space will close this week until spring, according to a statement issued Monday.

The Rio Grande Trail will be closed between Rock Bottom Ranch and the Catherine Bridge beginning Wednesday at 5 p.m., and will remain closed until April 30. In addition, a 1-mile section of the Rio Grande in lower Snowmass Canyon already is closed to dogs for the winter.

The county’s Open Space and Trails department will close Sky Mountain Park, including Cozyline, Airline, Skyline Ridge, Deadline, Ditchline, Viewline, Rim Trail North, Seven Star Trail and the Upper North Mesa Equestrian Trail beginning Thursday.

Also closing Thursday is the Glassier Open Space, including Glassier Road and the equestrian and mountain bike trails. Those two areas will be closed until May 16, according to Pitkin County.

Pernam Creek, Aspen Valley Ranch and the Brush Creek trails will be closed Thursday through March 31. The Brush Creek Trail will be closed to dogs until May 15.

Finally, Bionaz Gulch and Wheatley Gulch will be closed between Thursday and April 30.

“Open Space and Trails has fought an uphill battle to win compliance from members of the public who believe trail rules do not apply in the snowy months,” said Pryce Hadley, open space lead ranger. “Visitors and locals need to know that complying with the leash law and seasonal closures are crucial to protecting pregnant cow elk and other stressed animals that are struggling to conserve calories during the winter months.”

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