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Pitkin County more than tourism and downtown Aspen

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County is a complex county. It represents unique environments and locations – it extends far beyond the roundabout. It includes local communities and Wilderness areas, and public lands, and ranches, and private lands with unique considerations.

It is a county that has, in the past, represented integrity, honesty, intelligence, knowledge, interest, a willingness to accept differences (both of opinions and lifestyles), a commitment to recreation, art, music and education, respect for the environment, and a sense of humor, including the ability to laugh at oneself. And, in the main, the county has functioned without the vitriolic, attack-driven, unsubstantiated diatribes evident in this year’s elections.

To preserve and exhibit the progressive and positive qualities of county government, those in Pitkin County have been able to bring to the discussion those issues that tie us together, rather than to focus on those traits or characteristics that tear us apart.

The county has approximately 20 committees that address a variety of concerns. One learns about the system of government in Pitkin County by participating in the committees and agencies and boards that support the commissioners.

Throughout his time in Pitkin County, Jack Johnson has participated in the legislative and issue-driven committees and has met with and worked with interested groups and individuals to respond to questions and to determine concerns. He has been actively involved in city governance (Aspen is the county seat for Pitkin County), has traveled to the outlying communities and has become familiar with the complexities of a county that includes incredible diversity. That kind of interaction takes time, commitment and interest. It, unfortunately, gains far less press coverage than more dramatic and unfounded comments in letters and ads and testimonials.

It is time to move forward to serious consideration of our options. Pitkin County needs commissioners who are committed to the entire county, who are interested in and educated about all the issues affecting the county, and who, through his involvement and observation, recognizes both the opportunities and constraints of local governments.

Jack Johnson, through his involvement, has demonstrated this commitment.

Dorothea Farris


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