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Pitkin County Courthouse renovation delayed, awaits final permits from city of Aspen

Pitkin County commissioners announced a delay to renovations of the Pitkin County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon.
Maddie Vincent/The Aspen Times

The start of the $5 million Pitkin County Courthouse renovations has been delayed as the county waits on the city’s approval of the permit needed to complete them.

Jodi Smith, county facilities director, announced the expected one- to two-week delay Tuesday at the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners work session.

The renovations to the 140-year-old county building were planned to start Wednesday.

“We’re expecting the permit to come on this week, hopefully,” Smith said at the work session. “We feel confident — it’s been a really smooth process with the city so far on this project.”

Smith explained that Aspen city staff had a few small technical questions about the planned courthouse renovations they needed answers to before issuing the permit for the project.

These answers took some time for the renovation project engineers to dig up, Smith said, and need to be reviewed before the final permit is issued.

“We were delayed in getting (the city staff) some answers, so it wasn’t any fault of anybody. It’s just kind of what happened,” Smith said at the work session.

In a short slideshow presentation, Smith went over some of the planned renovation work with county commissioners Tuesday. The renovations are set to modernize the courthouse and to take place in two, roughly five-and-a-half month phases, as previously reported.

Smith said Tuesday that the first phase should be finished by the beginning of 2020.

Although the renovations project will impact Pitkin County District Court and County Court, as well as the operations of the probation department and the District Attorney’s Office, Smith emphasized those agencies will continue to operate as usual in the courthouse building during the construction period.

“We just want to be sure people know that the courthouse is still open,” Smith said.