Pitkin County Coronameter drops to ‘comfortable’

Pitkin County Public Health Department
The Pitkin County "Coronameter" for Sept. 3, 2020.
Pitkin County Health Department

The Coronameter has moved into the higher end of blue, “Comfortable.” We continue to see cautious and concerned indicators so it’s important to remain diligent. As this is the first time we inched into the comfortable zone, all current measures remain in place.

As we celebrate the holiday weekend and look forward to back to school the needle could move in any direction based on our continued commitment to the five C’s.

Pitkin County has made great progress against the spread of COVID, but after the Fourth of July, cases of COVID-19 went up — proof that COVID-19 doesn’t take a holiday. While celebrating, the Labor Day holiday our community needs to gather in small groups only (10 people or fewer), preferably outside and continue to practice the 5 Commitments of Containment: wear a face-covering when around others, maintain 6 feet of physical distance, stay home when sick, wash hands often, seek testing if experiencing symptoms.

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