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Pitkin County assessor adjusts some property values

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

PITKIN COUNTY – Slightly more than one-third of the 4,576 property value protests reviewed in June by the Pitkin County Assessor’s Office have been adjusted.

The office had until June 30 to review each protest and make a determination. In 1,699 cases, the property value originally assigned by the office was adjusted; in the other 2,877 cases, the protest was denied. About 30 percent of all property owners in the county protested the value assigned their property this spring; the total was a local record, according to Assessor Tom Isaac.

In some cases, property values received additional scrutiny from Isaac’s staff even if the owner of the property didn’t file a protest. If the office adjusted the value for one residence in a condo complex for example, in some instances, the office chose to adjust the value of the neighboring condos, too.

The next step, for property owners who aren’t satisfied with the outcome of their protest and wish to pursue the matter further, is to file an appeal with the county Board of Equalization and schedule a hearing. County commissioners make up the board’s membership, but four hearing officers have been hired to hear the appeals in their stead.

The hearings can be scheduled starting July 5 and must be done by Aug. 5, according to Isaac.