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Pitkin County adopts new medical marijuana regulations

Michael McLaughlin
The Aspen Times

The Pitkin County commissioners adopted an ordinance on Wednesday repealing the county’s previous medical marijuana licensing regulations while adopting new ones into the county code.

The commissioners requested two changes before the medical regulations would be approved. Both changes were adopted and matched the recreational versions of the same regulations.

County Attorney John Ely said the goal of the new medical marijuana licensing regulations is consistency, which is why the requested changes were mirrored in both the medical and recreational regulations.

“We want to keep the two sets of regulations — medical and recreational — in line with one another as much as possible,” Ely said.

The two changes the commissioners requested before the medical regulations would be approved came under the licensing section, part of which states the following: “The Board shall issue the following local licenses should the applicant fulfill the requirements for such license: medical marijuana center license; optional premises cultivation license; medical marijuana-infused products manufacturing license.

“Any of these licenses may be issued and conditioned with specific requirements relating to the particular licensee.”

“This was, in fact, the practice of the county in regards to recreational marijuana licenses,” Ely said. “Now that particular eventuality has been made explicit in both the medical and recreational marijuana regulations.”

Both the medical and recreational regulations also added the following language: “Any change of the ownership interest of any of the individuals or entities associated with the medical marijuana establishment for which the license is granted shall be reported to the Pitkin County Medical Marijuana Licensing Authority within seven days of such change. This report shall disclose which individuals no longer have an ownership interest in the licensed facility or if applicable, what individuals have gained an ownership interest. All individuals or entities with an ownership interest must provide all identifying information required by the license application.”

The new medical marijuana regulations and the recreational amendment took effect immediately after adoption.



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