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Pitkin commissioners OK with car commercial

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Though some members of the Castle Creek Caucus are against it, Pitkin County commissioners informally okayed a permit Tuesday allowing the Fiat car company to film a commercial Wednesday on Castle Creek Road.

Mike Kraemer of the county’s community development department said the shoot will take place between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. and will take place at the first bridge on Castle Creek Road and a straightaway section of the road just north of Ashcroft.

The company initially asked that the road be closed, though Kraemer said that wasn’t going to happen.

Fifteen or so members of the Castle Creek Caucus voiced opposition to the filming, Kraemer said.

Commissioner Patti Clapper said she understood the concerns, but said she wasn’t opposed to it because of the short filming schedule. Commissioner Steve Child said he would have like to hear about the shoot earlier, but he was OK with it as long as it was done safely.

Commissioner Michael Owsley, however, said he would rather respect the Castle Creek Caucus’ wishes and not allow the shoot.

Commissioners wanted the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office to maintain a presence during the shoot in case any problems arise.

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