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Pisces (Feb 19 – March 20) How do you maintain a personal stance of living a spiritual life AND be a power to be reckoned with in your career and in the public. After all, we all know that power corrupts…

but only if you let it. Good lord, we need more people in power with a real sense and knowledge of true spirituality instead of the current crop of fundamentalist medievalist Christians leading us into

war and destruction. Get out there, we need you!

General astrology for all signs for the week: There is great and deep intensity this week and your mind will be going very deep looking for more meaningful answers to what is happening…. and that is that deep old hurts and abuses are surfacing, concerning the

blocking of your passion and Spirit. At the same time we start a month of getting value through the physical and material levels of life, including the pleasures of the flesh. Put all that together and it is time for freedom and release from past programming, and stepping into a new, passionate and pleasurable spiritual reality.